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24 November 2023

 We are saddened and disappointed to see the outcome of the policy changes in the coalition agreements today. These changes are walking backwards from the action we fought so hard for, and the worst possible outcome for our youth.

We need your support to make it known we are not ok with our children being passed over in their negotiations. Reach out to your local MPs and tell them we need vaping regulations that protect our children and we are not ok with having the second-worst youth vaping rates in the OECD!

We are committed to doing whatever we can to make them hear our voices. One way we can do this is by sharing the stories of the heartache and pain caused by vaping in your families. Join our fight here:

Grassroots group tackling the youth vaping crisis

Latest VFK NZ News

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Petition presentation

We presented over 13,000 signatures in support of our cause to Parliament.

Parakai protest

We organised a protest against a new vape store opening next to a school gate in West Auckland.

Affected family speaks out

A family affected by youth vape addiction speaks to The Project about their experience.

NZ Youth Vaping Facts

Here are some facts and figures from a survey of over 19,000 Year 9 to 13 students in NZ conducted by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

  • 27% of those surveyed reported vaping in the past week.
  • 75% of those vaping, or 20% of total respondents, are vaping daily or several times a day, and the majority are vaping with high nicotine doses.
  • Over half of those vaping reported that they were vaping more frequently and at higher nicotine doses compared to the previous year.
  • 86% of students who were vaping more than once a day reported that they were addicted to vaping and 57% felt that it was having an adverse effect on their health.

Vaping & Nicotine Facts

  • An Asthma & Respiratory Foundation Study found 80% of youth vapers were using vapes containing very high dose nicotine, 24-50mg.
  • ESR research has found the nicotine content of vapes sold in NZ to be as high as double what was labelled on the package, as well as nicotine content in vapes marked as nicotine free.
  • University of Auckland research has found formaldehyde and heavy metals in vape aerosol, including manganese, copper and chromium. Some of these were found at 100 times more than the limit allowed in drinking water.
  • Nicotine is highly addictive and can harm adolescent brain development, which continues into the early to mid-20s.Young people who use vapes may be more likely to smoke cigarettes in the future.

What we want

More meaningful action to curb the growing issue of youth vaping in New Zealand, including but not limited to:

  • Implementing plain packaging (black and white) with warnings on all vape products.
  • Restricting flavour varieties as well as flavour names.
  • A complete ban on cheap non-refillable/disposable vapes, including those with removable batteries.
  • Lowering nicotine levels in vapes from 50mg to 20mg, in line with overseas (e.g. California and the EU)
  • Make vapes pharmacy only.
  • Stronger penalties that include losing a licence on breach of compliance, such as selling to minors, and more resources invested into enforcement officers.
  • More investment into supporting schools, communities, parents, and rangatahi for education and vaping cessation

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